February 18th, 2015

Rise From Ashes


So I've just gotten out of the bath and settled in for the evening. P decides we should finally break into that cake we bought on saturday, which was delicious, BTW. So he disappears and takes his own sweet time coming back. He comes back with two plates with slices of cake and proceeds to inform me that his mum has contracted TAPEWORM and everyone in the house needs to take these pills to stop catching it. It's contagious. TAPEWORM!!! N A S T Y!!!! so im having to take god knows what pill to avoid this. Damn NASTY!!!! and his one sister had the gall to wonder last year WHY i wanted to bathe every day. Because im a grown woman love and like to be clean, and not catch DISGUSTING bugs like WORMS. This is a woman in her twenties, people, and she doesn't know that women should bathe every day, or mostly every day. It's called being clean and preventing disgusting nasty things like WORMS!!!