May 3rd, 2015

Rise From Ashes

Stupid LJ

so todays I noticed my LJ override style was gone. Yes, that's right, LJ cancelled my subscription. So I went to renew. Guess what? they CLAIM to accept paypal but the little LIARS don't have a way to pay via paypal. LIARS!!!! so I had to fetch out my credit card, on which i'm trying to minimise spending, thanks to a LIE!!! Anyways, I'm renewed for 6 months and plan to complain about this.

I'm finding more and more fake people out there... people who lie about illness or disability, lie about their status, lie about their intentions. WHY do people need to lie? They must have pretty pathetic, loser lives to the extent of their whole online existance being a big fat lie. So many liars out there.

Twitter is going good, my daily greets are quite popular amoung the people I send them to. Facebook is ok too. My offline life is quite nice, too. I took up latch hook again yesterday and finished the bottom row of "Monterey Sunset" which should look pretty damn awesome when it's finished. I'm also working cross stitch on a gift for someone I really hope appreciates it, all signs say she will :).

Next saturday I'm headed to P's then the following wednesday we head to Bridlington. I hope the weather is nice, it should be at this time of year. Can't wait to see the old place again. Right now it's raining in Suffolk, and a little nippy, too. I miss the sunshine :P
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